Check out my new website - Weartesters

I've started a new website called Weartesters. Come check it out for the latest athletic shoe, apparel, and equipment reviews. Here's the link: http://www.weartesters.com


On Hiatus

My blogging is going to take a backseat to my new job over the next few months so enjoy your updates about everything Lost from the sites listed on the right. Enjoy season three!


ABC Gives Out Some Lost Spoilers

BuddyTV reports some sweet Lost spoilers about upcoming episodes that involve Hurley finding a CAR on the island. That's right, a car! I can't wait.


#2 Best Moment of TV in 2006

BuddyTV put Lost's revelation of where the Others live as the #2 Best Moment of TV in 2006. #1 went to 24 for the assassination of David Palmer. I can't really argue with that so I will accept it.

New Lost Moments

From now on the Lost moments will be posted on this url. The next Lost Moment is slated to hit the web Friday at 8am ET.